It's an intriguing concept that seems impossible at first glance, however, this couldn't be further
away from the truth. Just because you find yourself in a bad situation, you don't have to "wallow
in self pity", like the Grinch. However strange it sounds, there are times when a disadvantage
can be turned into an advantage.

Take a look at someone who's single. We don't like solitude. How do you feel when you're
single? Do you feel down? Do you feel empty inside? Things just aren't making sense? In a
word, does it make you feel bad? Probably yes. here comes the interesting part. Did you also realize there is an advantage to this situation; you are free to go out and start looking for that special someone?

When you're single you have two choices; feel bad about it, or fill your life with exciting
opportunities. Yes, you can go out and look for every opportunity of finding love; you have no
obligations, no commitments. Being single means you are free, there is no-one you have to
stay faithful to. If you meet someone you like too much, there is no remorse afterwards.
There isn't anyone to upset if you talk to all the girls or guys at a party. You're flirting with a
stranger? No problem.

When you're single, you are free, and you owe this freedom to a disadvantage. Interesting,
isn't it? The same could be true for other circumstances as well; there are times when a bad situation, an unpleasant circumstance has a flip side, just like a coin. A disadvantage could mean advantage, once you look at the greater picture. This principle is often at work in your life, without you realizing it. If next time you do realize it, look for how you can turn a bad situation into your favor.

A famous example is Mini Me in the Austin Powers movies. Verne Troyer, the actor who plays
Mini Me, suffers from a condition called dwarfism. Verne realized he could use this to his
advantage, and ended up making big bucks as an actor. He is a true example of how one can
make a disadvantage work for him.

You can find another excellent example in a Star Trek episode called
Loud as a Whisper.
It's episode 5 in Star Trek the Next Generation, 2nd season. Watch it, if you get a chance, and
you'll see the principle in action. Star Trek is just a sci-fi series, a work of imagination, but you
definitely can learn a lot from it.

...and the list goes on and on, there are many other examples to this principle. Next time when
you find yourself in a bad situation, instead of feeling bad about it, ask yourself "how can I turn
this disadvantage into my advantage?" Depending on the situation, there may be a chance you
can do it ...and for that we are wishing you the best.

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Turn your disadvantage into advantage
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