Some are very successful when it comes to love, and don’t need help. If you’re like most of us,
or if you’re one of those few who are hopelessly single, this could help to you.

Talk to her or him
Yes, it's that simple. This is all it takes to start a friendship, a relationship, and even love.

Talk to her or him
This is the single most important thing you have to do.
Keep it light and fun
Laughter may be the way to true love.
Be yourself
Don’t try being someone else, or do things that are not you.
Be nice
We’re instinctively attracted to nice people.
An honest, natural smile can work wonders.

Socialize with friends and people you know
Most of us find that special someone through people we both know; a mutual friend, a relative,
classmate, or coworker. Friends play a key role, there’s a good chance the one you’ll fall in love
with is a friend of a friend. Being with friends can help you very much; you socialize more easily, you're more talkative, more open to do “crazy” things like walking up to a stranger you like and saying "Hi".
Remember, your friends may be the key to finding that special someone, and if you’re single, hang out with friends as much as you can.
Socialize on your own
Some of us will find love on our own. The most important is to talk to other people. If it’s difficult
for you to start a conversation with a stranger, look for places and activities where it’s inevitable
to interact with others; take dance lessons, or go volunteer.

Look for chemistry and personality, not looks
Especially guys, girls less, are more interested in looks than personality. Love is not about
looks, but a deep emotional connection. If you want to find your love, look for what’s important,
chemistry and personality.
Not everybody is your match
The one you like may not feel the same way about you. If so, don't push it. There are others you
will like as much, and even more. When one door is closed, another opens. There’s always the
next train leaving the station. This may surprise you, but there may be more than one person
out there who could be your true love.
Keep trying
Keep trying until you find your love. Others did it, so can you. If you repeatedly fail and get
discouraged, think of this; when you trip and fall, do you keep lying on the ground or get up?
Do you think “I fell again. That’s it; I’ll never be able to get up again.” That sounds pretty crazy,
doesn’t it? If you get discouraged, then get up and go out; opportunity is out there, it’s practically
everywhere. Go and find yours!
...and eventually one of those “opportunities” will become your true love.

Whether with your friends or on your own, the key to finding your love is to socialize so you
can talk to many people
. The more people you talk to; the ones you like, ones you know, or
strangers, the sooner you'll find love. To talk to others, you must socialize; sitting home alone,
watching TV or playing computer games is the surest way to solitude.
Connecting with others and strangers online, on Facebook, or by text messages is a fun way to
make friends and keep in touch, but make sure you also socialize in the classic sense of the
word. Why? When you socialize you get to meet the other person face-to-face, which is absolutely necessary to finding out your true feelings about the other. Emails and texts, can't replace meeting someone in person, and they can lead to infatuation, imagined love. Connecting with others online is
not enough, and make sure you also socialize in the classic sense of the word in addition to any other option you have.   

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